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Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Travel Feels: Norway Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Travel Feels: Norway A woman standing at Lj?en viewpoint in Hellesylt
Video Thumbnail - vimeo - Travel Feels: Norway A woman standing at Lj?en viewpoint in Hellesylt
Travel Feels: Norway.
Photo: Matti Haapoja. Song: New Earth by Zerbin (licensed from Musicbed.com)

时时彩龙虎走势图:Hiking, and filming it

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Take part in travel enthusiasts Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale’s thoughts about how they prepared for their exotic, yet highly relaxed roundtrip.

The couple Hildegunn and Samuel Taipale stars in the movie they helped make about their summer trip through Norwegian mountains and fjord landscapes. Here, Samuel shares some “behind the scenes” stories.

In only a few days the couple managed to see and film The Atlantic Road, Knuten in Geiranger, Dalsnibba, Hellesylt, Trollstigen, the Molde-Vestnes ferry, Ålesund, and more.

The equipment used in this film: Panasonic GH4, GoPro Hero 4, and Phantom 2 quadcopter.

What is the clue behind your low key, yet “we rule the world” film touch?
“Well, the concept came from a conversation I had with my good friend Matti Haapoja. He is a terrific film maker and handles his video and drone equipment really well. We had been planning to do this road trip around Fjord Norway with our wives and talked about an opportunity to film our adventure. My task with my wife was to take our group to stunning locations.”

How did you work with the camera drone?
“Drones nowadays are fairly easy to fly. When it comes to filming with a drone, you need to have a good vision of what you want to show from a bird’s eye view and how that will fit in with the rest of the film. Matti masters this very well.”

To you, what is the most beautiful part of the film?
“The highlight must be the completely quiet fjord in the end, which for us happened to be something we discovered on the way home. We were basically finished filming, but whilst driving back home, we came around the corner to enter this fjord and suddenly the sea surface was glassy and clear. We quickly pulled out our kayaks and were able to experience a stunning moment.”


What was the most dramatic sequence?
“Probably the most dangerous spot is actually the cooking scene where we are sitting close to the edge of the cliff in Geiranger. In the film it’s been shot from an angle where it gives a dramatic look, but we are still sitting safely on a rock.”

How did you cook in the open?
“I think outdoor food plays a big part of the Norwegian summer season. We were able to fish fresh cod and have that with new potatoes and butter. We also made pancakes in the pan, which are easy to have on the road, and with homemade jelly by my father-in-law, it is the best summer dessert I can imagine.”

How did snow in the mountains match the idea of a summer holiday?
“In Norway you can expect to find some snow on some mountain tops even during the summer, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to us. The weather was definitely a bit colder than what we prayed for, but you just have to make it fun despite whatever weather you end up having.”

What does such a trip do for love and relationship?
“These kind of trips feel so much more fun when shared with loved ones and good friends. I think during these adventures you also learn to listen and serve your loved ones better, and you definitely discover new sides of your relationship.”

Any ultimate advice to all of us who would like to make the same trip, but are not especially well-trained?
“It’s actually easier to make happen than it might look in the film. All you have to do is to make a little plan of your route and things you want to see, get the right group of people together, pack your car and just embark on an amazing adventure around Norway.”

Sustainability in Norway

Take only pictures, keep only memories

Norway is a country of outstanding natural beauty. Preserving this landscape, its communities, and the way of life, is essential for locals and visitors alike.

Norwegian philosophy is very much that conservation is everyone’s responsibility.

The locals try to leave as small a footprint as possible. Leave it as you would like to find it is the mantra, regardless of where you are.

It is all about the quality of life. Not only now, but for the time to come as well.

Learn more about sustainability in Norway.

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