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Elk at Langedrag nature park, Nesbyen Elk at Langedrag nature park, Nesbyen Elk at Langedrag nature park, Nesbyen
Elk at Langedrag nature park, Nesbyen Elk at Langedrag nature park, Nesbyen
Elk at Langedrag nature park, Nesbyen.
Photo: Langedrag nature park, Nesbyen Hallingdal
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黑龙江时时彩即时开奖结果:Authentic Norwegian park experiences in Hallingdal

Parks offering experiences in Hallingdal may quickly become the new favourite among children in the summer. Hallingdal's park experiences, based on real Norwegian roots, are guaranteed to provide summer memories, informative and not least fun experiences for both children and adults.

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Norwegian animals up close
The Bear Park at Flå and Langedrag Nature Park focus on providing close contact between animals and people. Close contact can be made with particularly Norwegian animals such as bear, elk, reindeer, the Fjording pony and Telemark cow, as well as vulnerable species such as wolves, Arctic fox and lynx.

The parks and the high mountain farms make close contact with various petting animals possible, and Hallinggard, a high mountain farm that is open to visitors at Hallingdal Holiday Park allows children to meet Alf Pakka (an alpaca), Geir Geit (a goat), Kalle Kanin (a rabbit), Gisle Gris (a pig) and Gråtass (the kids' favourite tractor).

Hallingdal's park experiences also provide challenging activities with a focus on an active holiday and physical mastery. 4 of the parks offer airy and resilient Zip lines and in the climbing parks in Hallingdal Holiday Park and at the Climbing Park at Geilo Summer Park, children can play Tarzan for a day. Should the weather be rainy, there are indoor activities such as those at Hurramegrundt playground and Tropicana Badeland.

50% discount on the entrance ticket
The largest parks such as the Bear Park, Langedrag, Tropicana Badeland and Hallingdal Holiday Park charge half price for children's entrance tickets on their 2nd, 3rd and 4th visits.

Family Parks - Children´s Hallingdal

Hallingdal has family parks that offer unique opportunities to get close to animals such as bears, elk, reindeer and other Norwegian animals. Some of the parks have challenging activities, arranged for both children and youths, that focus on physical mastery. All the parks offer a 50% discount for a child's second, third and fourth visit. Bye your tickes here.

The Bear Park, Flå 
Here you may get close to bears, lynx, elk, deer, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits and chickens, and during the everyday feeding, the keeper will teach you about the animals. The Bear Park has 3,500 square kilometres of activity and play areas, both inside and outdoors.

Langedrag Nature Park  
Langedrag Nature Park is situated like a castle at 1000 metres above sea level, and was founded on the philosophy that nature is our best teacher. 20 species and about 300 individual animals are found here. See wolves and lynx up close, visit Arctic foxes, elk and reindeer. Enjoy the goats, rabbits, horses, sheep, wild boar, cows and yak. Try horseback riding, the climbing park or dog sledding, and take part in the Arctic fox camp.

Hallingdal Holiday Park 
Hallingdal Holiday Park is the largest indoor playground between Oslo and Bergen. Climb, slide, crawl, hop, dive, roll, swing on ropes, run, shout and laugh. Climb to the top of an 11-metre-high playground. Afterwards, get to know Geir the Goat and other friendly animals at a farm open to visitors. The park offers events with activities, with speed, oxygen, movement, wind in your hair and all in all energy far beyond the ordinary.

Tropicana Badeland 
One of Norway's largest combined indoor and outdoor bathing facilities. Always at 30 degrees C, and cold drinks are available at the bar. Mega slides, wave pool, grottos and the Wild River are incredibly fun for large and small children. A separate play jungle is available for the youngest, where the water is only 35 centimetres deep.

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