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Gol, Hallingdal Gol, Hallingdal
Gol, Hallingdal.
Photo: Arne Nibstad
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Forest, farms and family-fun

As a natural hub in the Hallingdal valley, right between Oslo and Bergen, Gol offers abundant opportunities for outdoor activities and indoor leisure – summer and winter alike.

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If you have come to enjoy wild and varied nature, your first encounter with Gol will not let you down. Here you are greeted by forest clad valleys and splendid high mountain areas with a beautiful view to Jotunheimen, Hallingskarvet and Hemsedal.

With a network of good mountain roads and trails Gol and the adjacent mountain areas may be one of the best mountain biking areas in Norway. Here you will also find well-prepared and safe hiking trails, up-to-date signposting and easily accessible mountain tops well-suited for the whole family. If you rather want to join a horseback riding tour or go fishing for trout in a mountain lake, the choice is yours.

In winter, Gol turns into a snow covered wonderland. Whether you want to put on your skis and get out on newly groomed ski tracks, or rush down a ski slope, there are plenty of opportunities right on your doorstep.

The small town of Gol is part of the traditional region of Hallingdal, and there are several cultural memories in and around Gol town centre. In the activity park Gordarike in Gol centrum, you are right in the middle of the Hallingdal history with tracks from the Viking Age and the Medieval Ages.

Find peace of mind inside the Gol Stave Church, visit the Viking village and the Hahaug trolls cave. You can climb to the top of the tower Yggdrasil or whiz down the zipline, shoot with bows and arrows and learn sword fighting in the amphitheater.

If you are an animal-lover, the Children's Farm at Oset Høyfjellshotell (Barnas Bondegård) is well worth a visit. Here you will meet alpacas, mini Shetland ponies, goats, bottle fed lambs, rabbits and chickens. The little ones can also take a part in the feeding of the animals.

If you feel like pampering yourself after an active day, visit one of Gol's spas. Tune out and recharge your batteries in the wellness department Anita at Storefjell Spa and Wellness Centre, or experience the tropical side of Gol at Pers Resort. Here, at the Tropical water park, you can enjoy mega slides, wave pool, children's area and a palm garden.

Gol, Hallingdal
Gol Reisem?l
Gol, Hallingdal
Gol Reisem?l
Gol, Hallingdal
Gol Reisem?l
Gol, Hallingdal
Gol Reisem?l

Getting here and around

By plane:
  • Oslo Airport is the closest international airport, located about three hours from Gol. From the airport, you can go by express bus or express train to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S), and from here continue by bus or train to Gol.
By road:
  • Gol is located centrally in Hallingdal, and is one of the most important traffic junctions in southern Norway. Gol is connected to highways Rv7, Rv52, Rv50 and Fv51/E16.
  • There are express busses to Gol from from Hønefoss, Drammen, Oslo, Sogndal, Førde and Florø.
  • There are also good bus connections locally to Nesbyen, Hemsedal, Ål in Hallingdal and Geilo. There are daily bus connections to Fagernes, Gjøvik and Lillehammer.
By train:
  • The train between Oslo and Bergen, operated by NSB (the Norwegian State Railways) stops at Gol. Travel time from Oslo is around three hours, and around three hours and 30 minutes from Bergen.
  • There are also good train connections locally to Nesbyen (15 minutes), Ål (20 minutes) and Geilo (40 minutes).

Gol also offers ...

There is no need to wait until you´re here to find out what you´d like to do.


Summer in Gol

Gol in Hallingdal

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